Welcome to School of Philosophy Kingston

We offer a ten week course in Practical Philosophy

The aim of philosophy is to set you free. Free from everyday pressures and worries; free to grow and be yourself; free to discover the unique, extraordinary person that you really are.    See Video

Find a centre of calm right in your own home and enrich your daily life by discovering a new kind of connectedness even whilst socially distancing or in SELF-isolation.

Our ten session course explores life and the creation and puts to the test the words of the wise from both east and west. Through applying mindful awareness to every moment wisdom shows us how we can be truly happy, conscious and free. It is inspired by the great traditions of philosophy especially 'Advaita' non-dual philosophy which encourages the use of reason and self-reliance so students can readily access wisdom within themselves at any moment.

The central message of the great wisdom teachings of humankind is that we do not need to add new information or beliefs to our mind, but to bring about a shift in consciousness, that is to say, to awaken.

We are a long established charity - the teaching is free, our staffing is voluntary and our fees are kept to a minimum. All are welcome, whatever age, culture or background. No prior knowledge is required. Want to know more? Click on these links for course outline, what people say about it, FAQ's. 

Due to the Covid 19 virus pandemic all our courses are moving online next term. The upcoming Practical Philosophy Online Introductory Course is FREE OF CHARGE UK-wide. You can book a free place by using the coupon 'liveandfree' when you enrol on our Central London webpage. The course will be starting in the week beginning 21st September 2020. You can attend any weekday evening or Saturday morning. Students from the Kingston area wishing to continue the course would then be welcomed into our local classroom or online groups for subsequent terms.

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ENROL FOR ONLINE FREE INTRODUCTORY COURSE using the coupon 'liveandfree'.

THE WISE THINGS FESTIVAL 2020www.wisethingsfestival.com 24 - 26th July 2020. An online festival, promoting the sharing of ideas and experiences that can help all of us be happier, healthier and more successful. Click on the link and join for free now - dont miss it!





Above abstract painting courtesy: Jeffery Courtney