Welcome to The School of Philosophy Kingston

A course in Practical Philosophy

The aim of philosophy is to set you free. Free from everyday pressures and worries; free to grow and be yourself; free to discover the unique, extraordinary person that you really are. 

The course explores what it means to be a happy and fulfilled human being in the world today. You will have an opportunity to hear and practise what the wise from both east and west say about human potential and through everyday observation put their words and ideas to the test.

Practical Philosophy embraces the search for self-knowledge, happiness, love, freedom and the simple joy of being - not just as wise concepts but in one's own experience. It presents a real opportunity for Self-development and for restoring the balance in our own life and the lives of our families and communities.

Learning to discern true knowledge from untrue knowledge, especially about oneself, can reveal a centre of calm within yourself and a new kind of connectedness. You will also enjoy the support and good company of a group of like-minded people.

We are a long-established charity; our wonderful staff are very experienced and all offer their time voluntarily. All are welcome, whatever age, culture or background and no prior knowledge is required.

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We look forward to meeting you.