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A course in Practical Philosophy

Meditation Practices

The Awareness Exercise

From the first session of the introductory course, we aim to support a more conscious way of living. 

With the help of a simple awareness exercise our students gradually become more connected with the senses and hence the present moment, better able to turn the attention out to whatever or whoever is in front of us and a little less subject to mental agitation and circling thoughts.

Practical philosophy employs observation, experimentation and practice and develops attentive awareness, concentration and self-discipline.

Each term we have a 'Study Morning', in which we work together in small groups and practise working consciously and with full attention.

Opportunities for such practice are an integral feature of our courses after the introductory course.


Students are offered the practice of meditation in their second year in the school. Meditation has the power to cultivate inner stillness, peace and unity within.  It is a simple traditional mantra-based method practised twice a day while sitting in a comfortable, balanced position in a quiet place. This form of meditation gradually brings about inner peace, harmony and clarity of mind. It also releases finer energy which is needed for this type of work and also for practical use in daily life.

The School helped to pioneer meditation in the west in the early 1960s and has since encouraged students to take up this valuable practice and incorporate it into their lives. 

Students are introduced to the practice through the auspices of the School of Meditation in London, with which our School has a close relationship. The School of Meditation is a registered charity funded by donations. 

Some Quotes from students about meditation:-
"Meditation puts you in touch with yourself. All the surface things, all the trivialities of life, tend to take you away from yourself. But in meditation you leave these things alone as best you can and come back to yourself. It is like a thread which is always constant although everything else changes."     Civil Engineer.

"Meditation brings us to the bedrock of our being, a place of lightness, confidence and peace." Drama Therapist.

Quotes from a master teacher of meditation:-
“Through the ages a number of systems have been given. Some are hard compared with others, some are long in relation to time. The system of meditation which has been given to us is the culmination of all simplicity by which the evolution of mankind is most easy.”
                                                                                    Maharaja Sri Shantananda Saraswati

“By going into meditation, one recharges oneself with finer energy and comes out with extra energy imbued with consciousness and bliss.”                              Maharaja Sri Shantananda Saraswati