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We offer a ten week course in Practical Philosophy

About the School

The School of Philosophy and Economic Science was founded as a registered charity in 1937 and flourishes to this day as a centre for study and enquiry into Philosophy and Economics. Through its courses the School aims to help students lead a full, rich and useful life and to evolve every aspect of their being in accordance with natural laws.

We have run our innovative Practical Philosophy Course since the 1950’s and although it has been regularly revised, it has truly stood the test of time and today it is as fresh, relevant and inspiring as ever. The School as a whole continues to develop and deepen its understanding of philosophy through the dedicated work of its students. Over the years further subsidiary studies have evolved from the study of philosophy such as language, music and art which are mentioned later in the ‘Other Studies’ section.

One of the founding principles of the School is to study natural law and this continues today. Natural law is not confined to the physical sciences; it includes principles which govern both human life and the ordering of the universe. For example, there are principles of justice and freedom under law in the human realm as well as principles of order, proportion and regularity in the wider universe. With some knowledge of such principles it is possible for human beings to learn to live naturally and abundantly without exploitation or misuse of each other or the living world. It is in discovering and applying principles of natural law that philosophy and economics come together as directly related spheres of knowledge.

Our courses are taught by tutors who are themselves students in the School having studied and gained experience in practical philosophy over many years. Their role as tutor is not to deliver a package of knowledge, but rather to assist students to make discoveries for themselves through practice and observation.

In the seventy or more years during which it has engaged in this kind of work the School has gained considerable experience which it makes available through its system of tutoring and group work, based on a principle of ‘learn and teach’. In this way the School continues to make new discoveries and in joining the School you yourself will have the opportunity to make your own discoveries and possibly further the work of the School in the process.

All the tutoring in the School and nearly all the support functions are carried out on a voluntary basis without payment of any kind.

We currently offer our ten-week "Practical Philosophy" course for a nominal fee to encourage newcomers who are warmly welcomed. Each term we usually have a new group of 10 - 20 people from all walks of life. Places are limited due to the size of the room so we would encourage people to book early to avoid disapointment. Our Courses are run in central Kingston and occasionally central Richmond locations [except not in the pandemic]. No prior knowledge is required for the introductory course. They start three times a year usually in January, April/May and September/ October.

Over 1500 people have attended our course since we first opened our doors in Kingston in 1994. The vast majority have found it to be of real practical benefit in their lives as well as being illuminating and enjoyable. Some stay with us for only a few terms and others continue studying with us for many years. We also run weekend and week-long residentials and offer mantra-based meditation to our students in their fifth term. You can see video clips from students on this site.

Students who have completed the Introductory Course are invited to join our Foundation Group to study Parts 2 - 5 of the continuing course. Mantra-based meditation is offered in Part 5 of the course and from Part 6 onwards meditation is an integral part of the course. Those who choose to take it up move into the New Meditators Group to study Parts 6 - 12 of the course. Not everyone wants to meditate and those who dont wish to take it up are welcome to continue their studies in the Foundation Group for as long as they wish. The Foundation Group will occasionally study supplimentary subject-matter as appropriate. 

People of all ages and backgrounds come to our classes, from teenagers to senior citizens. An open mind is useful and also a willingness to consider the views of others. Our branch attacts students from the whole of South-West London and North Surrey area. Further details of the course are available in the ‘About the course’ section of this website.

All are welcome. 

We hope to see you.


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