Welcome to the School of Philosophy Kingston

for the study and practise of Philosophy & Meditation

Working Principles of the School

The School has adopted various working principles with the aim of protecting the welfare of its students and the integrity of its work. These include:

·  All are welcome to sample what the School has to offer through the introductory courses, and to continue further with their studies if interested.

 · The School encourages its students to deepen their understanding and to put what they have learned into practice for the benefit of all.

 ·  Students are asked not to indulge in criticism of others, but to practise tolerance and respect towards fellow students.

 ·  All tutors are also students of philosophy in the School and they offer their services freely receiving no remuneration for their services.

 ·  The fact that someone is attending a course in the School, or has a position of trust within it, should never be used to secure financial gain nor used to gain favour or influence either inside or outside the School.

 ·  Fees are kept to a practical minimum; they cover running costs only and do not cover capital expenditure, which is made possible by donations, loans and legacies.

 ·  The School is a registered educational charity, regulated by the Charity Commission. Charity Numbers 313115 and SCO39950.