Welcome to The School of Philosophy Kingston

We offer a ten week course in Practical Philosophy

Covid 19 Pandemic

Our main concern is for the welfare of our students, volunteer staff and the public at large. Hence to safeguard all concerned we have ceased our classroom courses until further notice and all courses are being run online for the coming term. The Introductory Course is being run centrally for students all over the country so you could find yourself in a course with students from any part on the UK. 

The good news is that this situation is giving all our students the opportunity to try out our online courses which we have been running for many years. The sessions are no more than 75 minutes long instead of the usual 2 hour classroom session and the content has been adjusted accordingly. 

Our school already had many students enjoying studying our online courses prior to the Covid 19 pandemic so we are well set up for online courses. All are welcome to join our COURSE next term at the reduced fee of £10 for the term.

Classroom courses will resume when possible in future terms.




NHS Advice about the Covid 19 Pandemic