Welcome to the School of Philosophy Kingston

for the study and practise of Philosophy & Meditation

Practical Study & Activity Mornings

Practical Study & Activity Mornings : These Saturday mornings provide an opportunity for all our students to come together once a term. We meet, study, work together in a constructive way to enhance and broaden our approach to philosophy. Sometimes it seems more like play than work! It could take any format and these sessions are much enjoyed by our students. There is more time available and many find the study comes to life when engaged in a practical way; this is why we call it Practical Philosophy. These mornings are significant part of the course for all our students.

We warmly welcome students that have studied with us at any time in the past and who might like to reconnect and join us even if only for one morning. Just email PeterR@fses.org if you are interested and we can send you details of our next event. 

The programme for the morning varies but we will always endeavour to find new and practical ways to bring philosophy to life. It is likely to include a period of study and a period of practical attentive activity and awareness exercises.

Typically the format will be:

8.30am Meditation for those who practise mantra-meditation.

9am Welcome - Tea/coffee 

9.15am Themed Study

11.00 Tea/coffee break mid - session

11.30am Themed practice or activity

12.30pm Final Meeting

1pm Depart

These sessions are free.

(Voluntary donations are always welcome to help cover our costs however small and you can donate here if you so wish.)