Welcome to the School of Philosophy Kingston

for the study and practise of Philosophy & Meditation

Free Meditation Online Sessions

These meetings are for present or past students of the School of Philosophy Kingston or students of any other branch of the School who practise the method of mantra-meditation from the ancient Advaita Vedanta tradition.

The method of meditation using a mantra transcends the mind and is a beautiful, energising practice which nourishes the Being and brings a complimentary balance to the study of philosophy. The practice is available to students at any stage of their studies should they request it. Students are encouraged to practice it twice a day for half an hour (max); this being the optimum measure.

We meet on Zoom at 7am on Thursday mornings and meditate for half an hour after an introductory reading and afterwards there may be an opportunity for some encouraging conversation. Finish usually by 7.45am, or 8am at the latest. These sessions are intended to foster the practice of meditation in the school. We usually play some soothing, meditative music for 5 or 10 minutes before we start at 7am.

Email PeterR@fses.org or text or call Peter on 0777 9036 111 for your personal invite and zoom codes if you are interested.