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Plato Reading Online Group

The Kingston Plato reading group invite you to join us. Wednesday mornings 10.30-11.30am on zoom; no previous experience necessary. We use the text translated by a member of our school, Dr David Horan, which is freely offered on the web at https://www.platonicfoundation.org/ . Please have a look at this website to see how readable it is in straightforward modern English.

This group meets most Wednesday mornings during term time. At the time of posting this, the group are reading Plato's Republic Book 6 dialogue.

The group reads a section and then pauses to reflect and discuss the reading and simply try to understand what Plato is actually saying and may consider its relevance to life today.

This group is not carrying out an academic study, but rather it is enough of an education just following the brilliant mind of Socrates and Plato. It is not necessary to have prior knowledge of Plato.

Plato has a way of speaking directly to the soul rather than to this present earthly mortal existence.

Plato provides tools that help make fundamental decisions about how to think, how to act and how to live one's life. He doesn't tell people what to think...he asks questions that many have never considered before.

The group all find reading these great works very inspiring, the soul is indeed lifted. New members are most welcome to join. The sessions are free to enrolled students and those who are not enrolled are asked to pay a nominal £30 per term.

Write to PeterR@fses.org for details of the zoom ID