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We offer a ten week course in Practical Philosophy

Talks & Videos

"Pull of the Way" Series of talks 2021:

An Encounter in Art - a talk by Mary Cook about her encounter with Sister Wendy Beckett when she painted her portrait. This recording was recorded on Gallery View on Zoom on 23rd March 2021.

Wealth and Practical Philosophy - by David Triggs Honorary President of the Henry George Foundation of Great Britain and also Immediate Past President of The International Union for Land Value Taxation and Free Trade. He also tutors in the School of Philosophy Kingston. This talk was given on zoom on 8th March 2021.

A Philosophical Journey by Arthur Farndell. We are all on a journey - to the Self. Delivered 22nd Feb 2021

Cultural Cycles - A talk by Paul Palmarozza on 8th February 2021

A Search for Truth - A short history of the School. If you have ever wondered about the roots of the School, where we started and how, we’ve produced a short film to introduce it. The film is only seven minutes long and introduces our founder, Leon MacLaren, and the history of the Practical Philosophy that we now share.

The Purifying Power of Practical Philosophy - A Mr Donald Lambie explores the power of Practical Philosophy in this fascinating lecture.
Filmed July 2017

The Annual Economics Lecture 2019: Being Human - Ian Mason, Principal of the School of Economic Science in 2019, speaks on economics and human nature in our time.
Filmed 20 March 2019

The Annual Economics Lecture 2018: Can You Be Happy Paying Tax? - Andrew Purves, Economics with Justice tutor, asks how taxation could benefit all, as well as enhance the creation of wealth.
Filmed 22 March 2018

40 talks by the late Shane Mulhall who was the much loved leader of our school in Ireland. (Pictured above) Each talk is in two halves, the first half being the talk and the second half questions and answers.

Summer Lectures 2017 – Principal’s Lecture: The Ever Present Law - What are the principles that can allow an expanding human race to continue to live on earth in harmony with nature? Why do the great majority of human beings behave lawfully most of the time? Where does our innate sense of lawfulness come from? How is this shaped by our moral and philosophical values? Ian Mason, Principal of the School, offers a perspective.
Filmed 07 September 2017

"Service is the Measure of Greatness". A Talk by Mariam Safinia from our affiliated school in California USA

The Annual Language Lecture 2018 "The Eternal Way"Join Warwick Jessup as he explores the philosophy of ‘The Eternal Way’, a work attributed to Sankara that expounds non-duality. The text teaches a method to discover the real nature of the Self.
Filmed 06 June 2018

Malta Marsilio Ficino Symposium 2017

The Annual Language Lecture 2017 - Self Illumination: ‘Self Illumination’ is a Sanskrit text that expounds non-duality and has recently been translated into English. It teaches that there is only consciousness and nothing else. Warwick Jessup, the translator, will explore the philosophy of this work, and then take questions.
Filmed 06 June 2017

Summer Lectures 2017 – Christine Lambie: Slavery or Freedom? A choice every day of our livesHow did a Roman slave, a fighter pilot and a modern psychotherapist share a common interest in stoical behaviour? Classicist Christine Lambie will explain, illustrating the influence on modern thinking of the greatest stoic, Epictetus.
Filmed 31 August 2017

Austerity 10 Years on Lord Skydelsky 2018

The Joy of Sanskrit - by Gabriella Burnell 2018

Emotional Contagion by Hilary Wyatt in 2018

Meditation - a talk by Bill Whiting the founding Leader of the School of Meditation

The Wisdom of Women -  a talk by Dianne Piper, the Leader of the School in Scotland

An illustrated talk on Unity by James Maddox a rocket scientist in Alabama who heads the School of Philosophy there.