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for the study and practise of Philosophy & Meditation

Talks & Videos

Search for Truth - A Film about the Origins of the School of Philosophy and Economic Science.

The "Pull of the Way" Series of talks:

Philosophy and Economic Justice - A Common Thread - a talk by David Triggs (see below) delivered on 22nd March 2022. (NB The video is set on 'gallery view' for the first few minutes and then changes to 'Speaker view'.)

An Encounter in Art - a talk by Mary Cook about her encounter with Sister Wendy Beckett when she painted her portrait. This recording was recorded on Gallery View on Zoom on 23rd March 2021.

Wealth and Practical Philosophy - by David Triggs Honorary President of the Henry George Foundation of Great Britain and also Immediate Past President of The International Union for Land Value Taxation and Free Trade. He also tutors in the School of Philosophy Kingston. This talk was given on zoom on 8th March 2021.

A Philosophical Journey by Arthur Farndell. We are all on a journey - to the Self. Delivered 22nd Feb 2021

Freedom and Prosperity for All - A Lecture by Donald Lambie current leader of the School of Philosophy and Economic Science.

Cultural Cycles - A talk by Paul Palmarozza on 8th February 2021

Annual Language Lecture 2020 - Self Discovery - A Talk by Warwick and Elena Jessop.

40 talks by the late Shane Mulhall who was the much loved leader of our school in Ireland. (Pictured above) Each talk is in two halves, the first half being the talk and the second half questions and answers.

"Service is the Measure of Greatness". A Talk by Mariam Safinia from our affiliated school in California USA

Malta Marsilio Ficino Symposium 2017

Waterperry Gardens Videos

Emotional Contagion by Hilary Wyatt in 2018

Meditation - a talk by Bill Whiting the founding Leader of the School of Meditation

The Wisdom of Women -  a talk by Diane Piper, the Leader of the School in Scotland

An illustrated talk on Unity by James Maddox a rocket scientist in Alabama who heads the School of Philosophy there.

Just This day: See the video of just This Day

Magical Mind Magical Body by Dr Deepak Chopra