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Henry George Foundation - Principled Responses to Todays Crises

The Henry George Foundation of Great Britain exists in order to promote economic justice along the lines suggested by Henry George.
George’s works embody both wisdom of the highest order and practical proposals with regard to the socioeconomic arrangements nations might adopt in order to secure the peace, prosperity and happiness of all their citizens. We shall make use of both these aspects of George’s work during
this year’s HGF Open Event as we seek to identify principled and practical responses to issues the whole world now faces. These issues include those associated with Covid 19, world and domestic trade (Brexit), climate change, food security, housing, employment, public revenue, money, credit and debt, civil strife and war. Like George we shall seek to identify practical proposals based upon a recognition that they need to be in harmony with laws that lie beyond human control but which govern us, the
relations between us, and between us and the worlds in which we live.
The day’s programme will include a series of short talks with corresponding Questions&Answers together with plenary and break out group discussions. During refreshment breaks between
scheduled sessions ‘rooms’ will be open where participants can chat or discuss in small groups issues in which they have a particular interest. In addition there will also be an ‘Open Mic’ session.

This year’s Open Day Event Topic will be: Principled Responses to Today’s Crises
All Welcome to join for all or some of the day - stay for as long as you like.
Please see the details below in order to join on this day.
Downloading Zoom from zoom.us/download will be required.
Lastly, you are encouraged to share the link with all friends and acquaintances interested in the subjects mentioned above.

Saturday 19 September 2020 (10am - 5.30pm)

Via Zoom
Meeting ID: 886 4254 9643
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